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The salt chamber bed

salt Chamber Bed Therapy

Only salt bed in hillsborough county

Only at the Salt Grotto will you find the natural healing environment of the Salt Bed. The Salt Bed is constructed so that you have the option of lying directly in the heated, warm Himalayan Salt Crystals or you may choose to lie on our elevated wooden platform to enable you to remain above the salt.  You may also bring your MP3 or smartphone to listen to music or perhaps an audio book or podcast. Meditation is also an option. The choice is all yours! All of these options will provide you with an amazing healing environment and multi-sensory  experience so that you will return to The Salt Grotto again and again. You will get all these benefits while achieving optimum respiratory health and hygiene. Come to The Salt Grotto so that your lungs and nasal passages will be functioning at peak performance and building up immunities to better protect you no matter what each season of the year brings. 

Each salt room session mimics the wonderful healing effects of the natural salt caves and other salt-rich environments such as the beach, a calming rainy day, or time spent at soothing waterfalls.  

halotherapy in the salt chamber bed

Salt therapy simplified and personalized! Our unique salt bed is enclosed with an adjustable halogenerator for both individual skin and/or respiratory therapy. You can  achieve better, faster results in a comfortable, nurturing, and individualized environment. Our bed provides an intense healing environment in just a 10 – 15 minute session. Adjustable levels and concentration of salt particles provide a more individualized and customizable session.