Children's Salt Therapy




Can Children benefit from salt therapy?

Absolutely yes! Salt therapy is a non-invasive, non-medical, drug and side effect-free therapy.  It is also a safe, relaxing, warm, and FUN environment in which to thrive!  Did you know that Children’s Salt Therapy can bring natural relief for asthma, allergy, and sinus infection symptoms?

Our Children’s Salt Room helps breathing issues of all kinds. The effects of inhaling 100% pure grade salt can be beneficial for children suffering from allergies, nasal, or bronchial inflammation, stuffiness, asthma, and other respiratory disorders. 

It is a wonderful, all-natural and chemical-free alternative.  Imagine while playing in our Children’s Himalayan Salt Play Room, your little one can begin to feel better!

Children's salt room in Brandon, FL

Natural healing in our Salt Room (Salt Therapy)

Each salt room session mimics the wonderful healing effects of the natural salt caves and other salt-rich environments such as the beach, a calming rainy day, or time spent at soothing waterfalls.  All of the places where the negative ions in the air help to rebalance your physical and energetic systems.  

Children's halotherapy

With your loved ones in mind, we offer Halotherapy or Salt Therapy sessions for children. We understand that children and adults have different needs while at the salt grotto.  While adults want to relax in a calm, peaceful salt therapy environment where they can sleep, read, or meditate, children sometimes require stimulation and entertainment to enable them to happily remain in The Salt Room.   

We have made sure to provide them with a variety of toys to meet these needs so they aren’t even aware that they are receiving a salt treatment that is good for them!

We also know that it wouldn’t be cost efficient to pay additional fees, so we always allow one supervising parent or guardian to join their child for NO additional cost.  Therefore, the parent or guardian will receive a salt therapy session for FREE with their child. 

the Children's room at the salt grotto

Natural Healing in our Salt Room (Salt Therapy)

Halo (salt) therapy is a service which contributes to the general improvement of the physical health and well being of our client’s respiratory systems. Our goal is for treatments to aid in the promotion of the healthy lifestyle that tis of the utmost importance today.  You are more than welcome to bring your child.