Welcome to the Salt Grotto

"Just Breathe...Salt is born of the purest parents...the sun and the sea"

Welcome to the Salt Grotto

Where you can come to just breathe...

At the Salt Grotto, we specialize in making  you feel better. Whether it’s enjoying our Salt Room Cave experience or treating yourself to a massage, our goal is to make you feel better.   We would LOVE to have you at The Salt Grotto!

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Established in 2014

The Salt Grotto is a “must see” while visiting the Brandon/Tampa area.  If you have not enjoyed The Salt Grotto yet, we suggest you add it to your list of things to do for this year! 

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Re-Opening Announcement

May 27

reopening day!!

Reopening information

While you stay safer at home here at The Salt Grotto we have been at working on finishing touches, cleaning, painting and sanitizing our Valrico Facility. Although we are not open yet we are so anxious to see our clients and guest really soon!